When You Love, You Love

Life is never about changing someone we love into a kind of person we want

Life is always about tolerating, accepting whom we love no matter they might be the contrary to the kind of person that we want them to be.

Expecting someone we love to change the way we want to be is the root of all misery.

And the failure of it is one full screaming hell.


But when we love, we love.


No matter how the hassle has driven us like crazy

No matter how many sacrifices we made in the name of love

When we love, we love


Love might be long lasting

Love might happen continually

But we might forget, love is also as weak as those leaves falling in fall

It may shine brightly like a sun in summer and provides you those jolly moments

It may drive you crazy like when you cant handle those windy days

It may be the reason why some rainy days are too shivery for you to handle

And when it happens, you know you gotta stop


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4 responses to “When You Love, You Love

  1. Ah, well. Just when I start forgetting how to love.

  2. when you love, you love… until you know which one is worth sacrificing or not…

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