i’m never good enough to write sweet things about love

i’m afraid it will be cheesy and then you dont like it at all

or then i will hate what i write and then regret it

all i want to say is just that

i’m missing you so much

so much i can’t take it anymore

A Cute Boy For You, An Angel For Me


my angel

This cute boy might be just a cute boy for you

But for me, he’s my everything

A light to lighten my dark phase

An energy booster

A reason to stand still

There will never be enough words

To show what I feel inside

All I know, he’s a grace

And I’m grateful

To see his smile every day

To hear his funny voice

To feel his chubby cheek on mine

To have him in my life

Again, i’m grateful

I rarely say this, I know

But I thank You, Lord