25 Things That’s sooooooooo Me

Abis di tag sama temen2 manis ini ; Teppy, Poppies, dan Dee. Di tag nya sih biasa, di Facebook, Tapi buat nambah2in postingan kala males mikir, saya posting juga disini ya;

Rules: Once you’ve been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose people to be tagged.
You have to tag the person who tagged you.

1. Banana-phobic. Dont you ever give me a banana, or throw me one, I’ll bite you 🙂
You may asking about this phobic, in fact, me too.. But the shape, the smell, the taste of what you call banana, so yuck!

2. Crazy about TomYam, had one twice this week. Wanna go and have a bowl of TomYam with me? come on!

3. Crazy about all kind of corn. Name it, Jagung Bakar, Jagung Rebus, Jagung Bledug, Perkedel Jagung, anything.

4. Hate these kinda food : cakes, cookies, taart,with creams, brownies and some sweet ones, no particular reasons, just not a fan 🙂
So I had a candle on a bundle of BALA BALA and PERKEDEL JAGUNG from my friends on my surprise birthday party last week. Very thoughtful. There’s not as sweet as friends who notice what you like and what you dont like.

5. Gimme anything roasted and hot. like it lots

wait…. what it’s all about? food? no?
ah sorry 🙂

6. Like my other friends, Neng Smitun, Neng Teppy and Neng Dee Dee, i’m an internet freak, can’t live without it 🙂

7. Prefer a convensional cellphone with QWERTY keyboard than a hitech phone with camera, and some other stuffs. One reason for sure, i’m an SMS freak!

8. Like Miss Poppies said, blogging is one of the best thing happened in my life. Now can’t live without one. Couldn’t be more agree, Neng!

9. Earrings Queen wanna be. Hahah, Neng Nana, wanna share??

10. Likes to be called “Shas” than “Sya”. Dunno why

11. Always love singing, nor that I have an ability to do that, hahah…..

12. Heart Sarah Jessica Parker, always 🙂

13. Heart Ariel Peter Pan. I know he’s so lame for some people, but whatta heck, I love him. Neng Oggix, any comments?

14. Always wanna have a tattoo of my initial or a cross or a cute flower on my ankle, but I dont think I would do that. Removable one is always an answer

15. Can’t live without FB nowadays.

16. If ever I have a daughter, gotta name her FREIYA. It’s sexy, I think.

17. I confirm whom i want to confirm, no pressure, hahaha… I dont like ga enak-ga enak thing in this linternet life 🙂

18. I dont like JLo in movies.

19. Mie Kocok is my favorite thing
*sigh* with me, it’s always about food, noh?

20. Started blogging when I was broken hearted. D*mn, those days 🙂
Hey you, thank you anyway, if it’s not because of you, I won’t be here writing these things

21. I lerned Japanese for 4 years for no reasons. I dont like anime, or dorama, or any Jap songs. Ah, gomen ne Sensei.

22. Short pants addicted 🙂

23. Never cook my own breakfast, long sleep is much more temptating

24. Getting sick of soo many un-important pics of some caleg. Come on guys, none of your pics entertain us!!

25. Phew. ah, one more? Well, I love this photo-tagging thing in facebook. Its a unique way to share photos 🙂